Vinyl cutting is where you cut the outline of shapes, then weeded out from the excess vinyl, then put on transfer paper or heat transferred to be used to on various objects. Make sure you are very careful when weeding out the designs as it is easy to accidently remove part of the design along with the excess you are taking away.

Vinyl cutters can benefit from using a job management program such as so they don’t lose track of their jobs.WMJ will keep track of job information such as customers, job instructions, file associated with the job, and due dates. You can use it to make sure you are on schedule to complete jobs and also keep note of what stage of the process the specific job is in.

Another reason you may want to use it is that you can easily share job statuses with your customers and crew. You can inform the customer via automatic email from the website, and they can also view it online through their own account if you have linked the job to their account, after linking each other’s accounts. Similarly, your own employees can access the job and information, and they can update the status as they progress through production of the job. This keeps everyone on the same page, and eliminates the need to constantly contact each other to update the other what the status of any given job is.

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Productivity-Enhancing Features


- Production scheduling

- Link jobs to your clients and vendors

- Track weekly and daily productivity

- Step-by-step production status updates

- File storage


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