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What is Where’s My Job? is an accessible and intuitive online software that was developed by a collaboration of business owners in the apparel and printing industry to deal with the common organizational, management, and networking problems they faced each day for the last 10+ years of being in business.

As a group of business owners and shop managers, the thing we all came to realize is how much of our time is wasted answering the same exact question multiple times every day: Where is my job? Not only do we know that you have a lot better things to do with your time than spend it tracking down the status of various orders, but we also understand that it causes a lot of unnecessary stress when you don't feel like you are entirely informed and in control of the many disparate operations you have to coordinate every day. We wanted to feel like we had more control; we wanted a more centralized management system that could give us that control; and this is what inspired us, through a collaborative effort, to develop an online software especially designed to provide both solutions to every-day issues, and new innovations to increase competitive advantage in the 21st century.

This software is intended to be an accessible and affordable way for a business to keep up with all of the fast technological innovations that will allow you to remain competitive and succeed in a dynamic market. We realized that there are not many options available for small and medium size business owners. The software that is available is expensive, requires tedious hardware installations, and weeks of formal training are necessary to even learn how to start using it. We decided that what this industry really needs is a system that is only a small fraction of the cost of the competitor; one that requires no hardware installation; and one that has an intuitive user interface that can be learned without any formal training, with only supplemental support from knowledgeable customer service technicians. The success of this ambitious project is never complete: we are constantly taking in feedback and improving the design so that our customers can be assured that our services are cutting-edge and customized to suite their diverse needs.

Having better organized and streamlined business procedures will reduce your workload and stress while concurrently increasing efficiency, profit, and client retention rates.

What we offer is an organizational tool that will help businesses, both big and small, to accomplish these things without any restructuring or modification of their current business model - methods which can be risky and prohibitively expensive.

One of the primary reasons that businesses lose clients is due to their lack of punctuality and overall in efficiency. Clients will be happy to pay more for the same product or service if the business is reliable and delivers the product or service within or before the agreed timeframe.

Whether you have identified organizational issues and need solutions, or you simply want to reduce stress while maximizing efficiency, this management system can be useful and customized to your unique needs.

We are dedicated to bringing a useful and affordable resource to help you run a smooth and efficient business.

  • No modules to add on
  • Very easy to use
  • Very low cost, a fraction of the cost of competitors
  • Try risk free with a free account
  • Always updated to the new version
  • No need to buy additional computer/server
  • No need to buy new computer hardware
  • On the internet cloud, can be accessed anywhere/anytime with internet connection
  • Connect with other vendor/broker for live updates on jobs
  • Perfect for 1 man shop to a shop with 200 people
  • Info is secure, backed up and encrypted
  • Only online job management system software available for our industry