Frequently Asked Questions

What is

It’s a cloud-driven software that industry-specific for Screen Printing, Embroidery, Direct To Garment, Vinyl, Paper Printing, Promotional Items, Engraving, and Graphic Design Industry. The software emphasizes the communication between the Client, Broker, and Vendor.

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy, create a job in the system and from there is up to you how they want to use that data. Do you want to use it as a simple job marker or do you want to completely enter job information and use for organization? It’s built for light use or heavy-duty for your shop.

Is it Free? Can I run my shop on this free software?

Yes, you can run your shop using You have an unlimited amount of jobs you can key in. Unlimited amount of staff that can use your account. And unlimited accounts you can link to. You get 5 GB of space free to use, and for additional space you can upgrade packages or storage space. There a lot of pages that help run your shop. If you like some of the additional Add on pages, you are welcome to upgrade your account.

Does provide a customer billing service?

No. is not a billing software and it will not act as a substitute for the way you currently keep your books. This service is designed to manage many aspects of your business and is an invaluable asset with regard to other administrative spheres of activity. However, we are currently working with Quickbooks Online using their API service to connect with WMJ.

How do I log in to

While creating an account, you will not only create a user name and password, but you will also select a WorkSpace where all your files will be stored. Find the login page in the menu bar, simply type your User Name, Password, and your WorkSpace and log into your account.

How do I cancel my subscription for a paid account?

Canceling a paid account is simple. Just go to the “Manage Account” section of your user interface and select the option to downgrade to a free account. Also, remove any additional features that are on your account. The subscription is paid for the month in advance so you will be able to continue using your paid account until the end of the month.

I have more questions, where do I go?

No worries we got you covered. Please check out our blog and bigger FAQ sections.

We are dedicated to bringing a useful and affordable resource to help you run a smooth and efficient business.

  • No modules to add on
  • Very easy to use
  • Very low cost, a fraction of the cost of competitors
  • Try risk free with a free account
  • Always updated to the new version
  • No need to buy additional computer/server
  • No need to buy new computer hardware
  • On the internet cloud, can be accessed anywhere/anytime with internet connection
  • Connect with other vendor/broker for live updates on jobs
  • Perfect for 1 man shop to a shop with 200 people
  • Info is secure, backed up and encrypted
  • Only online job management system software available for our industry