Hand Drawn Artwork


In this digital world we have been living in for many decades, physical pen and paper hand drawn artwork is not seen as much in the professional or entertainment world. Digital programs and displays have made it convenient to create designs using various graphic software as options, and also creates something very clean and professional looking.

But in this digital age, designs that are done physically, like hand drawn artwork, is becoming popular again. This is because people enjoy the more primitive and natural look that physical media can provide. It also shows raw skill that cannot be proven with its digital counterpart. While it is possible to create something that is similar in style to hand drawn artwork in a digital form, it will never have the complexity and feel of the real thing.

You can, however, scan or take a picture of hand drawn artwork, to put that in the digital format. This is the best of both worlds as you can use the actual image of a hand drawn design in the digital world of social media, email, websites, etc. For this reason, we encourage even the most old school artists to learn the basics of the digital artwork world. Getting these real images online to the many billions of eyes they can reach, can be great for everyone involved, giving joy and entertainment to those who view them, while spreading word of the artists and their work.

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