Pdf To Jpg Artwork


How to create PDF to JPG Artwork:

  • You can create a JPG from PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Just export it by using the “Export PDF” tool on the right pane, and choose the file type as JPG, and click export.
  • You can also find many free websites online that can convert PDF files to JPG files for you. Simply use a search engine and look for “PDF to JPG conversion” and it should give you many options to chose from. Be careful when using sites you are not familiar with as they can potentially have viruses for your computer.
  • There are also various other programs you can use to open and export many different file types. We would recommend this option as it will put the power of control in your hands as to how the file is exported, what file types, and without worry of someone sending you a virus infected file.
  • There are sometimes graphic design companies that may resave or export the file for you, but some may try to charge you. You can email [email protected] and they will usually be more than happy to resave the file for you. That is the email of our other company Copyartwork.com

PDF and JPG are very similar in some ways, but are different in others. For example, a JPG is a bitmap/pixel based file type while PDF can support the “Vector” format, meaning it can be made of geometrical lines and shapes that are not made of a bunch of little pixels. This is a hugh advantage as it has the print friendly format that can be used by screen printers and other types of manufacturers, while being a file type that can be opened by most any computer and even mobile devices without installing any special software to do so.

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