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Engraving tools are a great affordable way to get started in the engraving business. Burins and Gravers are used for engraving in a variety of surfaces. Electric engravers are more convenient and can help save some time. Try finding a reputable engraving pen to use for the specific products you will be engraving your designs in.

If you are running an engraving shop you will probably want to invest in a laser engraving machine to save even more time and energy, and also have the benefit of using a vector design file or simple line art raster file to have it created. You can pick up some online from placed like amazon.com for only a few hundred USD. They may not be the best engraving machine you can get, but it will get the ball rolling for a small DIY shop creating products for etsy.com and other retail websites.

Wheresmyjob.com can help you manage your jobs for free with a free WMJ account. You can enter jobs and keep track of the due dates so you don’t miss a customer’s job and look bad. WMJ can also automatically send out job status update emails. Most importantly, you can keep a record of your jobs and job information. Your crew can access the information during production to avoid costly mistakes, and you can access this in the future when you need to confirm job details for a variety of reasons.

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