Pen Companies


American pen companies and national pen companies produce about 2 billion pens in the USA annually. American pen companies Edison Pen Co, Fisher Space Pens, Franklin-Christoph, Schon DSGN, and Noodler's Ink make their pens in USA. American pen companies Conklin, Sheaffer, and Esterbrook manufacture their pens and fountain pens outside of the USA. Popular pen varieties and types include ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, marker pens, fountain pens, gel pens and technical pens.

The pen was invented in 1844, November 2nd by a lawyer who went to Harvard John J. Loud. László Bíró will eventually invent the more modern version of this, the ballpoint pen.

Why is a pen called a pen? A pen was originally made from a hollow stem of a feather. In old French: pene, or in Lain: penna. In short, the word came from a long feather, to a writing instrument.

Putting a simple logo or design on a pen is a very popular promotional product. Many companies offer this online also, where customers can access their website and upload an image they would like printed on the product, and get it shipped straight to them anywhere in the USA. This can be very convenient, especially with the pandemic situation limiting face to face interactions and travel. Pens are a great way to market and advertise your business, since, unlike cards and flyers, they actually serve a useful purpose, making them more likely people will use them and notice your company.

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