Instant Imprints


Instant imprints can be made with a variety of processes, such as DTG printing. Instant imprint locations would usually be a flat surface, such as a shirt front area or a wide textile like paper or a towel. Printing fast and accurate designs require proper equipment that has been maintained in order to avoid debris, etc, from affecting its performance. Make sure to refer to your user’s guide to ensure you are using the proper steps to clean and maintain your machine to have a long life of printing. is cloud based, and very fitting for direct to garment printing shops. It makes keeping track of jobs a dream, and you can easily store job information for a variety of reasons. It has been developed by a production shop, and designed to work in tandem with a busy production shop’s schedule. On top of that, it is very easy to use for those not good with computers, etc.

WMJ is cloud based, so you can connect using any internet enabled device, to get your job information anywhere and on the go. Easily share job information with employees and customers, to prevent avoidable errors that may cost you a pretty penny and make your shop look bad.

Use WMJ to increase your experience managing your production shop. Keep track of jobs so you don’t have to try remembering the many details and due dates for your jobs, and share the information with your production shop crew and with customers. The time saved using WMJ can be used for more creative work, marketing, or anything else you need that extra time for.

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Productivity-Enhancing Features


- Production scheduling

- Link jobs to your clients and vendors

- Track weekly and daily productivity

- Step-by-step production status updates

- File storage


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