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Like other commodities that can be brokered, such as insurance, pensions, mortgages etc, so too can print be done by print brokers/managers. 

Print brokers act as an outsourced sales solution to their trade-only suppliers. Suppliers maintain low overheads by not employing sales staff of their own so they outsource sales on a part-time basis instead to print management companies. These companies represent a collection of printers who work together to offer a complete printing solution in one place.

Traditionally, you often buy numerous business features such as business cards, brochures and banners, from various companies. To save resources and keep everything in one place, customers tend to employ a single company to do everything. For example, a complex project which would normally involve several suppliers, can be sent to a management company to condense and have everything done in one place.

Print brokers are management companies who utilize their supplier base in order to produce what their customers require. No individual printing company would be able to address every need that the customer requires, hence print brokers network a variety of suppliers to keep the cost low and get the best deal for their customers. Since print broker’s goal is to keep their customers happy with high quality components as well as getting good deals from suppliers so they too get a profitable return, having a variety of qualified suppliers is key to print brokers and their management broker business.

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- Link jobs to your clients and vendors

- Track weekly and daily productivity

- Step-by-step production status updates

- File storage


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