Do you own or manage a production shop and can’t seem to find any free time? The creators of shoptracker WMJ also run a shop and understand that it can be difficult with the busy daily schedule to get any extra work done. That is why we have created the online program to take care of certain things that may be taking time away from you that can be more automated, and also prevent errors.

If you run a production shop, we highly recommend using a shoptracker like to keep track of all your jobs in one place. WMJ will organize your jobs according to due date, customer, job type, etc. You can use it to store job information/instructions and also files, so you can use it on a later date, and also keep note of what stage of production any given job is in.

Also, WMJ makes sharing job info and statuses with your crew and customers a breeze. The software can automatically send out emails to the customer when you change the status of a job, and the customer can also manually check statuses of their jobs through their own free WMJ account, as long as the job is linked to their account. Your employees can also easily access job information to double check information, and update the status of the job as they progress through production. This ensures everyone is on the same page, and eliminates the need for time wasting things like contacting each other to notify the other of a status update.

We are located in Southern California, and work closely with our customers to ensure you are heard and make the website as user friendly as possible. Our friendly customer service is always happy to assist and help you accomplish what you are needing to track with our site, and make it as efficient as possible.

You can easily call or email us at:

Call: (909) 605-6887

Email: [email protected]

Productivity-Enhancing Features


- Production scheduling

- Link jobs to your clients and vendors

- Track weekly and daily productivity

- Step-by-step production status updates

- File storage


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