Embroidery Cost


Running an embroidery shop can be very costly, especially in the beginning. It is important to make sure you are keeping a record of all your costs to ensure you are making a profit and staying out of the red.

Embroidery Machine and Maintenance: You are most likely making monthly payments for your embroidery machine, unless you were fortunate enough to pay it off already. There are other costs such as for materials (brushes, oils, etc), and repair fees.

Embroidery Thread: Make sure you are keeping track of how much thread you are using on every job. Keep in mind you always need extra thread on hand in case you need it unexpectedly. There is also bobbin thread.

Backing Material: You will be going through a lot of this in your shop, and make sure you have plenty of them, and of all kinds (cutaway, tearaway, etc).

Employees: Keep track of what you are paying all your employees. Keep in mind the overtime that may come unexpectedly also.

Shop Rent and Utilities: This would not vary much so it is easier to manage, however, keep in mind the rent may be raised after the lease is up. Also, lighting is important and can cost more than you would expect for the electricity.

Insurance: You will most likely need insurance for the shop and some equipment also.

Other Materials: You will likely need some extra things on hand, such as boxes, chairs, other furniture, shelves, stationary, computers, printers, water cooler, etc.

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