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If you are a new shop, you do not know what to anticipate when it comes to incoming jobs. The requests and processes can vary a lot from job to job, but with experience it becomes more standard to know what to expect.

Artwork: This is an important one and can be overlooked easily. You don’t want to get all prepared and schedule production for a job just to learn that the artwork file will not work. Often the image may not be high enough resolution, or in a format that makes color separations difficult to do. Hint here: Vector format files are the best route if you want files that will be easy to manipulate and print with as it would not be made of pixels so there are no resolution issues, and also it is already in separate objects per its nature, so it is easy to control the colors, etc. (check out for our USA based artwork company to do it for you, and mention sent you and you may be able to get a special price!)

Screen Preparation: Make sure you have extra screens, and that they are prepped to print. This goes back to the artwork, but if you have the color separated artwork, you can print films to get the emulsion on the screens exposed.

Product: Ordering the product is a fairly simple step, but make sure you order them early enough as you never know when the delivery will be late for whatever reason. You also need to make sure the product is correct. Reconciling with the order information is a great way to prepare before printing.

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