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Google is always a great way to find answers to various questions, and to find stores near you. But if you want reliable reviews on supplies, especially for production, it may not always be the best route.

As a production shop running over 20 years, we often recommend you ask fellow screen printers in your area, or colleagues in the same line of business. Best if you have friends you can trust who run production also to make sure you are getting trustworthy information.

A more unconventional route would be to look online at places like, where a lot of people give their opinion on products so you can judge for yourself what seems to be the most viable option, and then maybe do more research from there.

Another tip is to just stick with brands that are well known and been around for a while. There is a reason they are used consistently. You can often find a balance between quality and good price. With off brand items, you can sometimes find winners, but you don’t want to find its flaws in the middle of a job when you don’t have much time for delays, or for bad quality on your printing. can be used to keep track of supplies and brands used, if you would like. Simply enter that information on the form/additional information so you can always look it back up later.

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