Screen Printing Ink


Ink may be the closest to the blood of your business, because it can “bleed”! Jokes aside, you will want to pick the appropriate ink to use depending on the design you will be printing and the material you are printing on.

Screen Print Ink Types (most common):

  • Plastisol: This is very thick and versatile, and gets great results. It also lasts a long time which is perfect for t-shirts especially. Most commonly used in screen printing.
  • Discharge: Thin water based ink which removes dies in the shirt to print through a chemical process. Good for creating thin and soft prints.
  • Water-Based: Again, much thinner than plastisol, which means they soak very effectively into the fabric, creating a soft print, good for thin and soft material.

Like with most things, you will want to make sure you are buying them from a reliable place as it can not only ruin your shirts/products, but also your equipment, if the proper ink is not used. Also because you want the prints to last, as your prints represent your shop and prints that don’t last come from shops that don’t last long.

You can use to track and keep note of what inks were used on each job. This record will make things much easier if you have a reorder and want to ensure you use the same processes, or if you need the information for any other reason. We have custom fields you can use to put as much or little information as you would like. Make sure to keep track from the start to avoid headaches in the future.

You can contact [email protected] if you have any other questions regarding screen printing, as our mother company does screen printing also. Just send a quick email with any questions you have.

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