Screen Printing Screens


Screens are used to print on shirts through the screen printing process. You would use color separated artwork to first print films, which you would use as a stencil to create your screens for any given job.

How long do print screens last? Screens can last for decades, provided they are properly maintained and used properly with minimal abuse.

The great thing about screens is that you can wash and reuse them over and over again, reducing waste and money needed to pay for new screens, unlike the films needed for exposing the screens.

Screen Type: There are different types of screens with different mesh counts. Between 110 and 160 mesh counts are most common. The lower end mesh screens are best for printing bases and bold colors, while the higher mesh counts are used more for fine and small detail printing areas.

Tight screens for best results: A loose screen results in shifting of the print area, making the image bleed as you print the different colors, and will not look right on the final result. Make sure the screen is tight to prevent this and you’re sure to get better results!

Clean and tidy: Make sure you properly clean your screens (and press itself) after a printing job. You don’t want an oversight to cause issues on your next printing job!

Make sure to buy proper quality screens, not only because bad screens would mean bad results, but also because bad screens may tear and wear and not last as long. Keep in mind all the issues you can avoid by using good quality equipment to print your products.

More screens means more time. It will take longer to print, you will use more materials such as films for each color, and don’t forget the set up time as well as the clean up time added due to the extra screens/colors. Make sure you are pricing accordingly

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