Silk screen pricing guide


Pricing is probably one of the most common questions you get, next to marketing. You can print shirts all day long, but if you do not know how much you should sell your shirts to make a profit, you can print yourself right out of business.

Let's start with the obvious question: Why are you doing all this work?

To make money. If you are not making money no matter what business model you have. It won’t last long.

There are several factors in figuring out your printing cost. You can only charge your customer a certain amount of items to redeem your entire process. You have to factor the cost of the print to entitle labor, rent, utility, equipment cost, miscellaneous cost, everything. Even the scotch tape that used to sick your proof to the film folder. If your cost is not higher than the actual print charge, you just did a job at a loss.

The silk screen pricing is your one shot to pay all your bills and cost. That should include your cost of living , your own personal rent and life daily cost. Someone has to pay for the Netflix bill.

Even if you got your price list tweak enough to do all that, the human factor of adding something wrong or not passing a 1 over, or missing an line item can cost you to lose on an order. And to go back to your customer and ask them for more money due to your mistakes usually doesn’t end well or at minimum makes you look unprofessional.

If you need pricing out on a constant measure use Paid Quote Feature. As al carte feature , this can cost less than a meal can save $100s to $1000 monthly.

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